Taivaan Lapsen Taival

Vapahtajani Jeesuksen jalanjäljissä

High places

on December 25, 2015

Tough call.

How we dance around this

table of life.


Views are changing.

Decision after decision.


So wide lack of knowledge

and understanding about it’s rules.

And everone of us forced to

lay in the bed he himself repares.


Sometimes we might find a high place

to see things more clearly, further

than usually and for a while we

might get going on more easily or

wisely… but being who we are… by

forced to come down from those

places… after awhile we forget.


All clarity gone. Old blinders back

on their places. Easier that way,

even if it hurts like hell…


Dear Lord Allmighty! Strenghten my

faith in you. Re-establish the trust

to your Word and clear my ears to

hear, my heart to obey…


So where ever I go, what ever I do,

it is your Word i rely on in my

decisions, your Spirit I hear who

guides me.


I don’t need those high places anymore

I’m yours and I can trust you. Amen.


Tämän sain 10.8.2015


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