Taivaan Lapsen Taival

Vapahtajani Jeesuksen jalanjäljissä

Still ongoing…

on March 26, 2016

It creeps upon you

when you least expect it.


Old sorrow and pain.

Still ongoing…


You never know where it lurks.

You can’t escape or hide…


Hard, deep agony rising it’s head.

Shaking your whole being, tears dropping.


Gracious God, oh Holy Almighty.

I so praise you, that you know it all.


You know when I sit, when I sleep.

you know when I’m high or when I’m low.


It’s all in your hand.

Work your miracle.


You have the ways and means

to do diamonds out of my tears.


You can heal my broken heart

and crow bravery out of my fears.


Thank you for your honor and glory.

Thank you for your Son, my Lord.


Without the hope in his Blood

I would get shattered and stay in despair.


With your love

I know I can get free and prepare.


Help me held my head high

when your Glorious King is coming.






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